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Landscapers play an important role in property’s values as they can be increased by as much as 20 percent with well-manicured lawns and trees. Treating a client’s landscaping with Aqua 3-IA will increase root growth (as shown in the perennial ryegrass here), allowing the grass, shrubs, plants and trees to absorb more nutrients and water to sustain it through the harsh summer months. Aqua 3-IA is an easy add-on to sell to customers as a warranty for their landscaping and can be applied when installing new landscaping or maintaining an existing lawn.


MitoGrow™ has created a powder formula with IBA, which is a naturally occurring auxin that increases growth of new root hairs through mitosis, to make IBA usable in all stages of a plant’s life. Aqua 3-IA increases root mass by up to 30 percent which results in larger root balls and lessens the chance that the plant will experience transplant shock.


Save time and money by using Aqua 3-IA when planting to reduce the mortality rate of plants succumbing to transplant shock and having to replace them. Aqua 3-IA is easy to use, can be mixed with fertilizer or soil and applied topically or at time of planting. Plus, Aqua 3-IA works great with hydroseeding and hydromulching techniques!


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Products for Landscapers

  • Aqua 3-IA for Arbor Care

To request help with product application for a specific plant or usage instructions, please enter it into the “What will you be using the product on?” box on the checkout page.

podos-before podos-after

Quick Facts

  • Aqua 3-IA increases root mass in hardwood plants and trees by up to 50 percent
  • Aqua 3-IA increases root mass in most plant species by up to 30 percent
  • Property values can increase by as much as 20 percent with well-manicured lawns and trees
  • Aqua 3-IA reduces transplant shock and mortality rates by up to 60 percent

Thank you MitoGrow™ folks! Our Podocarpus have never been greener or in better health! We have had chronic issues with the Podocarpus screens here in Dana Point, California, for years. We had tried several remedies which did not deliver to our expectations. Last spring (2017), we treated a row of these shrubs and left an untreated section as a test. As the pictures show we have had amazing results with the MitoGrow™ product. Thank you MitoGrow™ for once and all getting to the ‘root’ of our challenge here and getting these plants up and running! Seeing is believing and I truly believe MitoGrow™ is the solution.

Bill Arman, Head Harvester
The Harvest Group
Bemus Landscape Logo

I just wanted to reach out to you about the MitoGrow™ product that we have recently applied to some declining pine trees. What a difference! The turn around in these pine trees was tremendous (within 120 days) and the customer has requested that we use it on several hundred more pine trees. We were able to greatly improve the pines health and get a sale at the same time. ‘Win-Win.’ Thank You! We will be in touch and look forward to implementing MitoGrow™ in all tree feedings at Bemus.

Kirk Hinshaw, Vice President of Tree Care
Bemus Landscape
Las Flores Landscape

We recently used MitoGrow™ in combination with an 8-8-8 organic fertilizer to treat some struggling olive trees at Los Olivos Marketplace. While it has only been six months of fall and winter from the time we treated, we are a definitely seeing the trees pushing new growth. I can’t wait to see how they look in three more months after the weather warms up.

Joe Hamby, President
Las Flores Landscape