About MitoGrow


MitoGrow started as an arbor care company in 2016 and began working with arborists to add its new products to their current fertilizing treatments. MitoGrow products are user friendly and can easily be added to fertilizer and irrigation systems. Trees that had once been written off as too far gone, were producing new growth and bouncing back. Local landscapers and other tree care companies began using the products through various application methods to boost the growth in the trees and plants they were managing.


MitoGrow’s New Focus


Within two years, MitoGrow began receiving white label interests from a larger agriculture company focusing on the tree care industry. It was at this time that MitoGrow made a company decision to shift its focus specifically to tree crops and hemp. Testing began on different tree crops to maximize their growth and output potential. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, MitoGrow began product trials focusing on increasing yields in industrial hemp.

Fighting HLB

During these trials, HLB (citrus greening disease) came to the attention of MitoGrow’s management team. They took notice of how the disease was affecting the citrus industry in Florida and set their sights on formulating a solution.


In 2019, MitoGrow began working with industry leaders in both the agriculture and research sectors. With regards to fighting HLB, trials conducted by Texas A&M AgriLife Research with MitoGrow products have yielded exciting and significant results. See more information on this university study here.


MitoGrow is currently looking for strategic partnerships to get this product to citrus growers and help address the HLB problem.