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Grow resilient plants for your business with MitoGrow™ Aqua 3-IA. Addressing plants during their most vulnerable state, this carefully crafted product was made with growers and nurseries in mind. Aqua 3-IA can help increase survival rates during the growing process and has the potential to create stronger, healthier and hardier plants.


A Better Start

Through its proprietary delivery system, MitoGrow™ has developed Aqua 3-IA for starting new plants out right. MitoGrow™ has made IBA accessible in all stages of a plant’s life cycle. IBA is a naturally occurring auxin that increases growth of new root hairs through accelerated mitosis. This supercharges the young plant’s ability from the beginning of its life to absorb the water and nutrients essential to improved growth and development.


By stimulating the growth of feeder roots, MitoGrow products help plants establish a well-developed root system that are then more likely to survive in times of distress, such as drought. MitoGrow products can be used where water availability and distribution are problematic, and can lower fertilizer requirements. Here are a few of the ways it can be applied:

  • Dilute in water and apply as a drench to the root zone of the target plant or tree
  • Blend with liquid fertilizer and inject into the root zone
  • Spread powder on damp soil in the root zone and then lightly water into the soil
  • Apply via a fertigation system and mix with other desired agricultural products


User Benefits

This biostimulant is not a fertilizer, but can be easily added to any plant care program with minimal changes. By treating your trees and plants with MitoGrow products, studies have shown, users can benefit in the following ways:

  • Most plant species have an increase in root mass up to 30 percent and up to 50 percent in hardwood plants and trees.
  • In drought tolerance testing, seedling mortality rates decreased up to 60 percent.
  • Treated plants have better nutrient absorption rates (Ca – 5x; Mg- 4x; N -1.2x; P – 1.11x; K – 6x).
  • A 5-month study on 2-year-old oaks showed trees treated with MitoGrow and fertilizer had an average diameter increase of 0.21 inches (128 percent greater) over trees in the control group. The second season the diameter growth was 183 percent greater than the control group.


For More Information

Contact us to request more information about purchasing Aqua 3-IA in larger quantities suitable for your business needs and/or to become a distributor of Aqua 3-IA.

Quick Facts

Aqua 3-IA Root Stimulator

  • Decreases mortality rates in seedlings by up to 60 percent
  • Increases root mass in hardwood plants and trees by up to 50 percent
  • Increases root mass in most plant species by up to 30 percent
  • Adds caliper to trees and plants
  • Decreases grow time

I have been growing trees and in the horticulture business for 30 years. I sell many of my trees to the top landscape companies in the country. I first trialed MitoGrow™ Pellet3-IA while hydromulching my root balls before boxing my trees. The first 60 days I did not see much difference, after about 120 days I was shocked. The entire tree, top to bottom was so much fuller than the ones we did not use with MitoGrow™. Then when we looked at the roots, that was what truly sold me on the product. I use MitoGrow™ in every tree I box up and recommend planting with MitoGrow™ as well.

Paul McCauley, Owner
Vecchio Trees

I normally do not see this type of root growth over the fall/winter months when we have planted tombstone roses during this time in years past. However, we had well above average temperatures over this time period. I believe we could then expect to have seen these results in a month’s time period versus the two months that this took during the normal growing season. This falls in line with my expectations that plants should root out in half the time normal time period when using Pellet 3-IA.

Nathan Shivel, Yard Manager
The Magic Garden