MitoGrow and Homeowners


Your yard is important- it’s the first thing people see when they look at your property. A great way to increase property value is by making sure your lawn and garden look their best. MitoGrow™ makes this easy and affordable by packaging what the pros use in small, resealable bags for home use!


Beautiful Yards Made Simple

Through its proprietary delivery system, MitoGrow™ has developed Pellet 3-IA for saving and maintaining your lawn and garden effectively, affordably and easily. Pellet 3-IA contains IBA, which is a naturally occurring auxin that increases growth of new root hairs through accelerated mitosis. This helps plants absorb the water and nutrients essential to improved growth and development, which in turn makes them hardier and more resistant to environmental stressors such as drought, invasive insects and disease. In helping your plants remain healthy, MitoGrow™ is the simple solution to a beautiful lawn and garden.

Pellet 3-IA can be used in all stages of a plant’s life and is great for lawns, plants and trees. It’s an affordable, annual treatment and can either be mixed with your choice of fertilizer, applied topically or with a deep root feeder.


For More Information

Contact us to request more information about purchasing Pellet 3-IA in larger bags, quantities suitable for your needs or any of our new products below.


Products for Homeowners

  • Pellet 3-IA for Annuals & Landscape Maintenance
  • Pellet 3-IA for Landscape Installation
  • Pellet 3-IA for Tree Maintenance
  • Pellet 3-IA for Turf Installation & Maintenance

To request a specific Pellet 3-IA variation, simply enter it into the “What will you be using the product on?” box on the Pellet 3-IA product page.

Banana Before Banana Plant After

Quick Facts

Pellet 3-IA

    • Decreases mortality rates in seedlings by up to 60 percent
    • Increases root mass in hardwood plants and trees by up to 50 percent
    • Increases root mass in most plant species by up to 30 percent
    • Can help increase property values, as property values can increase by as much as 20 percent with well-manicured lawns and trees
    • Can be added with any soil or fertilizer