Industrial Hemp Industry

Grow larger, higher producing industrial hemp with Aqua 3-IA. Early trials indicate a 30% increase in CBD in industrial hemp grown with Aqua 3-IA when compared to untreated plants.


Industrial Hemp Root Growth Study


A root growth study was conducted on industrial hemp grown in containers in order to recover the whole root mass for examination. The container grown plants were treated once with Aqua 3-IA. It can be extrapolated that repeated doses of Aqua 3-IA, at lower PPM, will result in significantly increased root development over the life of the plant with better total material cost versus net performance. These results are illustrative of the effect of Aqua 3-IA on root mass, but have only an indirect indication of the product’s effect on CBD yield.


To see more data and information on this root growth study, click here.


Industrial Hemp CBD Yield Study


A CBD yield study was conducted by an independent party on field grown hemp treated with Aqua 3-IA. The test’s variability of CBD and THC percentages is a function of plant genetics and harvest schedule. It is reasonable to assume these two parameters will be controlled by the industry to achieve legal THC limits. Additionally, whole plant versus bud only harvesting will significantly reduce the effective percent of both CBD and THC, therefore increasing the CBD percent is economically necessary in whole plant harvesting operations.


In the field tests, a 20 PPM solution, at two quarts per plant, and three applications resulted in the highest CBD yield. Given the product price of $49.95 per pound that results in an application cost per plant of $0.0042, and a total of $0.0126 per plant per season. Recommendations for application rates and schedule of Aqua 3-IA should be based on the CBD yield study results and not extrapolated from a combination of the two studies mentioned here. MitoGrow’s biostimulant product allows the hemp to achieve its true growth potential. A recommendation of three applications of 2 quarts of 20 PPM Aqua 3-IA solution per plant, along with normal cultivation techniques, should increase the yield of CBD by 30% over untreated plants. It was also concluded that use of Aqua 3-IA for Hemp would allow for earlier harvests, resulting in lower levels of THC, while still increasing the CBD percentage.


To see more data and information on this field growth study, click here.


CBD Economic Impact


With hemp being sold on a point system that is related to the CBD percentage in the plant, an increase in 30% CBD in plants grown with Aqua 3-IA directly correlates with an increase in the plant’s value.


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