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Growing sod with Pellet 3-IA will increase root growth (as shown in the perennial ryegrass), allowing the grass to absorb more nutrients and water to sustain it through harvesting, transportation and transplating. Save money by using Pellet 3-IA when growing to reduce the mortality rate of sod. Pellet 3-IA is affordable, easy to use and can be mixed with fertilizer and applied topically.


MitoGrow has pelletized IBA, which is a naturally occurring auxin that increases growth of new root hairs through mitosis, to make IBA usable in all stages of a plant’s life. Pellet 3-IA increases root mass by up to 30 percent.


Sod Farming Application Instructions

Learn how easy applying Pellet 3-IA to sod can be here.


For More Information

Contact us to request more information about purchasing Pellet 3-IA in larger bags, quantities suitable for your business needs or any of our new products below.


Products for Sod Farms​

To request a specific Pellet 3-IA variation, simply enter it into the “What will you be using the product on?” box on the Pellet 3-IA product page.

Quick Facts

  • Pellet 3-IA increases root mass in most species by up to 30 percent
  • Pellet 3-IA reduces transplant shock and mortality rates
  • Pellet 3-IA decreases grow time
  • Just 2.5 pounds of Pellet 3-IA can treat 4,000 square feet