Tree Nonprofits

As a tree nonprofit, you’re constantly working with limited resources. While tree-care can be extremely expensive, it doesn’t need to be! MitoGrow™ offers an effective, easy and affordable solution that will help you continue to make a difference.

Effective and Affordable

Through its proprietary delivery system, MitoGrow™ has developed Pellet 3-IA for starting and maintaining trees effectively, affordably and easily. Pellet 3-IA contains IBA, which is a naturally occurring auxin that increases growth of new root hairs through accelerated mitosis. This helps trees absorb the water and nutrients essential to improved growth and development, which in turn makes them hardier and more resistant to environmental stressors such as drought, invasive insects and disease. In helping your trees remain healthy, MitoGrow™ can help you save money on upkeep.

Pellet 3-IA can be used in all stages of a plant’s life and is affordable, easy to use and can either be mixed with your choice of fertilizer, applied topically or via deep root feeding.

For More Information

Contact us to request more information about purchasing Pellet 3-IA in larger bags, any of our new products below or quantities suitable for your organization’s needs.

Products for Tree Nonprofits

  • Pellet 3-IA for Tree Farms

  • Pellet 3-IA for Tree Maintenance

  • Aqua 3-IA for Liquid Applications