The Fall Planting Guide

Please note this fall planting guide is geared towards those in zone 9a. If you are unsure of which plant hardiness zone you are located in, click here. Other zones that could find some tips in this post helpful are: 6a, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b and 10a.

It is officially fall in Texas, even if the thermostat doesn’t agree. Fall is a Texas vegetable lover’s dream planting season, since it’s just starting to cool off! Here’s a few tips for those prepping and planting cool season crops.

Frost Susceptible Crops

If you are still wanting to try and plant snap beans, Irish potatoes and lima beans, you’ll need to hurry. September is right at the end of the planting season for these crops, as they are susceptible to frost. Try investing in garden fabric for these and your other plants that continue to grow in the fall and early winter.

If you still have fruit-type crops in the ground, such as tomatoes and squash, remember they need sun! And if you have your beds or rows planted east to west, your leafy vegetables, which can tolerate some shade, may do well in this space.

What + When to Plant

September is prime planting time for beet, English pea, garlic, leek, mustard, onion, snap pea, Swiss chard, radish and turnip. If you are planting onions, they’ll do best when planted in late September!

Peak planting time for bunching onions and carrots is October through September. But that’s not all. October is also the best time to plant arugula, lettuce, mache, sorrel and spinach.

For Harris County residents, click here to see the full graph on when to plant crops for zone 9a.

Harvesting Tips

Remember to pay attention to the maturity rate of the vegetables you’ve planted so you aren’t second guessing yourself when it comes time to harvest. This will also help you decide which crops might not make it through the colder parts of fall and the first freeze of winter.

What is your favorite garden prep, planting or harvesting tip? Let us know in the comments below!

Fall Planting Guide
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