Aqua 3-IA is great for plantings, maintenance and can reduce transplant shock. MitoGrow products can be applied dry, through liquid injection, hydromulching and more.

Arbor Care

Trials have shown MitoGrow treated citrus trees had a more dense and vigorous root system, resulting in improved growth. University lab studies have shown MitoGrow products can significantly reduce the number of the bacteria that cause HLB in citrus root tissue.


Grow better with MitoGrow Aqua 3-IA. Aqua 3-IA can help increase survival rates during the growing process and has the potential to create stronger, healthier and hardier plants.

Growers + Nurseries

Grow larger, higher producing industrial hemp with Aqua 3-IA. Early trials indicate a 30% increase in CBD in industrial hemp grown with Aqua 3-IA when compared to untreated plants.

Industrial Hemp

Landscapers play an important role in property’s values. Treating a client’s landscaping with Aqua 3-IA increases root growth, allowing plants to absorb more nutrients and water.