With roots in arbor care, MitoGrow has shifted its focus to helping trees and plants in a greater capacity. MitoGrow is forging forward to find treatments for the most serious tree and plant ailments, while also focusing on increasing yields in tree crops and hemp. MitoGrow products are water soluble, user friendly and can be mixed with fertilizer for easy application to stimulate root development and growth.

Fighting HLB

Citrus greening disease is a bacteria that is spread by the Asian citrus psyllid. University lab studies have shown MitoGrow products can significantly reduce the number of bacteria that cause HLB in citrus root tissue. MitoGrow is currently working with industry leaders and researchers to bring this new product to market to fight HLB.

Increasing Yields

MitoGrow’s patent pending products make use of biostimulants to aid in stimulating new growth in trees and hemp. These water soluble products can easily be added to irrigation systems in green houses or across acres of farm land.

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