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Save + Maintain Trees with MitoGrow™


MitoGrow is here to assist those who have made arbor care their career and life’s work. Aqua 3-IA is the ultimate addition to your routine and is safe and cost effective.


Tree Care Made Easy

MitoGrow has developed Aqua3-IA for saving and maintaining trees effectively, affordably and easily. Aqua 3-IA increases new root growth which helps trees absorb more water and nutrients essential to improving overall growth and development. This in turn makes the trees hardier and more resistant to environmental stressors such as drought, invasive insects and disease.


Aqua 3-IA is useful for all stages of a tree’s life and is affordable, easy to apply, can be used where water availability and distribution are problematic, and can lower fertilizer requirements. Here are a few of the ways it can be applied:

  • Dilute in water and apply as a drench to the root zone of the target plant or tree
  • Blend with liquid fertilizer and inject into the root zone
  • Spread powder on damp soil in the root zone and then lightly water into the soil
  • Apply via a fertigation system and mix with other desired agricultural products


User Benefits

Using MitoGrow products is a proactive approach to tree care. Treating your trees and plants with MitoGrow products can provide the following benefits:

  • Studies have shown most plant species have an increase in root mass up to 30 percent and up to 50 percent in hardwood plants and trees.
  • In drought tolerance testing, seedling mortality rates decreased up to 60 percent.
  • Treated plants have better nutrient absorption rates (Ca – 5x; Mg- 4x; N – 1.2x; P – 1.11x; K – 6x).
  • A 2-year study on 15-year-old oaks showed trees treated with MitoGrow and fertilizer had a diameter increase of 52 percent over trees receiving only fertilizer and an increase of 128 percent over trees in the control group.


For More Information

Contact us to request more information about purchasing Aqua 3-IA in larger quantities suitable for your business needs and/or to become a distributor.


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Quick Facts

MitoGrow Products

  • Decrease mortality rates in saplings by up to 60 percent
  • Increase root mass in hardwood plants and trees by up to 50 percent
  • Add caliper to trees and plants

I have been growing trees and in the horticulture business for 30 years. I sell many of my trees to the top landscape companies in the country. I first trialed MitoGrow products while hydromulching my root balls before boxing my trees. The first 60 days I did not see much difference, after about 120 days I was shocked. The entire tree, top to bottom was so much fuller than the ones we did not use with MitoGrow. Then when we looked at the roots, that was what truly sold me on the product. I use MitoGrow in every tree I box up and recommend planting with MitoGrow as well.

Paul McCauley
Vecchio Trees

I tried this product on many of the trees here at the Occidental College campus with very satisfying results. Since it was a new product, at first I was a bit skeptical, wondering how long I would have to wait before seeing any difference. It was quite obvious once the product started to be absorbed by our tree roots, since all of a sudden I started to notice the overall look of the trees changing drastically for the better. Rather than a quick greening that fades, which I am used to with many traditional fertilizers only, what I began to see was an overall increase in health. When looked at more closely, you could see the existing foliage putting on deeper color, but also an explosion of new growth with the change of the seasons. I would highly recommend MitoGrow be used as an additive to anyone’s common fertilization practices for long-term management of tree health.

Thomas Walters, Grounds Supervisor
Occidental College
ArborPro logo

ArborPro has provided GPS tree inventories, tree risk assessments, tree management plans and tree canopy assessments for municipalities, universities and homeowner’s associations for more than 14 years. ArborPro has managed projects all over the United States and Canada. I am our lead consulting arborist and I recommend to all my customers to implement the use of MitoGrow products to flourish their tree canopies. MitoGrow offers a unique product that works and is easily applied for a minimal cost.

Jeff Davidson, Regional Manager + Arborist
Del Mar Country Club

Following a large turf reduction on our golf course a significant number of trees were left with drastically reduced fertilization and irrigation inputs. We decided to place these valuable trees on a feeding program where MitoGrow was injected around the root zone. The trees have stood out in terms of appearance and health from the untreated trees. We are currently on the second year of our program and the results have proven to be very effective and worthwhile.

Chris Erickson, Golf Course Superintendent
Del Mar Country Club
NRI logo

When MitoGrow informed me that it had created a proprietary product… I was cautiously optimistic. After using the product in a large tree salvation project in Phoenix, Arizona, I was sold!

Rob Kater, Owner
Native Resources Int’l

​As a degreed horticulturalist/arborist of almost 40 years, I’ve used many products over that time involving tree health care. Over the past six months, the MitoGrow product became available, and I’ve begun using it alongside my normal arsenal of Doggett and Davey Tree soil injection products. Although it can’t yet be said for certain since time is an ally in tree recovery evaluation for hardwoods such as live oaks which I predominately treat, MitoGrow appears to trigger a much faster response in increased canopy density and twig elongation.

Roger Ditmer, Head Arborist
Frederica Golf Club