4 Common Challenges for Nurseries

It’s no secret that running a nursery is hard work. Lucky for you, many of the most common plant-related issues that nurseries face are related to the plant’s roots! If you experience any of the following challenges, the root of your problem may be the roots themselves.

Your plants take their time.

Obviously, plants need time to grow, but sometimes you wish your plants could grow just a bit faster. After all, time is money! The faster your plants grow, the quicker you’re able to make them available for purchase.

When they do grow, they don’t look that great.

Common Challenges for Nurseries

After taking forever to grow, some of your plants may be small and lack flowers, making them look downright sickly. These plants won’t sell, and if they do, they won’t sell quickly. This ends up resulting in wasted time and money on your part, which no one wants.

Transplant shock is a constant battle.

Your plants may be growing well, but you dread having to transplant them into larger pots because you know that no matter how hard you try to avoid it, there’s always the possibility of transplant shock. Transplant shock can set you back, and again, wasted time is wasted money.

Your plants are fine, you just think they could be better.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t experience any of these challenges,” that’s great! But just because your plants are growing fine, doesn’t mean they can’t grow better. Pellet 3-IA gives your plants the extra boost they need to be better.

Whether or not you experience these challenges, your plants can always benefit from a larger, more developed root system. Pellet 3-IA increases root mass by 30 percent in most plants and 50 percent in hardwoods. With more advanced roots, your plants are able to absorb more water and host more connections with mycorrhizae to aid in the increased intake of minerals and nutrients. Since water and nutrients play an integral role in maintaining plant health, it’s extremely important that your plants have enough! It’s never been so easy to grow better!Challenges for Nurseries