Why Your Home Needs a Tree

Trees can benefit you, your home and your surrounding community in a multitude of ways. These can range from your personal health and finances to property values and crime rate.

Trees improve health and brain function.

Studies have shown being around greenery and trees can reduce your stress hormone levels and improve your mood. Other studies have shown you don’t even need to be present in nature to feel its effects. Short glimpses out a home office or bedroom window can increase focus and performance.* If you are wanting to boost your cognitive abilities, look no further than your own backyard! Climbing a tree has been shown to boost your memory capabilities.

Trees increase home value.

Property values can increase by as much as 20 percent with a well-manicured lawn and trees.* As much as trees can benefit a home’s value, neglecting to maintain them can be even more costly. If your tree starts to decline and is recommended for removal, costs can quickly soar into the thousands. Replacing the tree can be equally expensive, depending on desired size and species. Keep your trees beautiful and healthy with the help of Pellet 3-IA that stimulates root development and encourages growth.

Trees can save on energy costs.

Thoughtfully selected and properly placed trees can save up to 35 percent on energy costs.* Through shading and reflecting sunlight, trees cool the areas below and around them, coming in handy in hotter urban climates. If you’re thinking about planting a tree to help with energy costs, or increasing your home’s value, be sure and read our 7 Tips for Planting.

Trees can help create stronger communities.

Well-maintained green spaces are inviting areas for everyone to enjoy. They promote togetherness and discourage criminal activity in communities that have them.

Let us know in the comments below why you like having trees in your area!Tree Benefits for Your Home