Top Landscaping Company + Growers Come Together

HOUSTON (March 19, 2018) – Landscapes are a huge part of how we interact with the world around us. While they serve a purpose aesthetically, plant-heavy landscapes are also known to reduce stress, cleanse our air and increase property value. Because of this, the plants used in landscapes are extremely important, and should be grown with care.

While landscapers are responsible for designing and implementing plants into landscapes, they typically do not grow the plants themselves. They must procure these from a source, often a company that specializes in the growing of specific plants and trees.

A great example of this symbiotic relationship can be seen with companies Vecchio Trees and BrightView. While Vecchio Trees specializes in growing olive trees and many other tree specimen, BrightView specializes in planting and implementing them into our communities. Because of their dependence on each other, it is the responsibility of both companies to ensure that the plants they grow and/or use are being grown and maintained in a way that will allow them to continue to flourish after the job is done. BrightView made sure to work with a company that was growing quality trees, and Vecchio made sure to grow quality trees with quality product.

“I have been growing trees and in the horticulture business for 30 years. I sell many of my trees to the top landscape companies in the country. I first trialed MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA while hydromulching my root balls before boxing my trees. The first 60 days I did not see much difference, after about 120 days I was shocked.” Paul McCauley, Vecchio Trees owner, continued, “The entire tree, top to bottom was so much fuller than the ones we did not use with MitoGrow™. Then when we looked at the roots, that was what truly sold me on the product. I use MitoGrow™ in every tree I box up and recommend planting with MitoGrow™ as well.”

Pellet 3-IA is a great choice for jobs like this, as its proprietary non-water soluble pellet and slow delivery system provides IBA to plants and trees throughout all stages of their growth. This promotes lateral root growth, which helps plants and trees absorb more water and makes them more resistant to drought, invasive insects, disease, transplant shock and other common stressors. This helps ensure that the plants used in landscape designs remain healthy and beautiful long after being transplanted!

Vecchio Trees is a wholesale tree company that provides trees to landscape and design professionals. Vecchio Trees’ trees consist of container stock through some of the largest specimen trees available in California. Their growing and orchards are located in the Visalia, Calif., area.

BrightView takes pride in providing consistent, high-quality landscape and snow services with a dependable service commitment. As the nation’s leading landscape services company, BrightView’s more than 22,000 team members design, develop, maintain and enhance thousands of clients’ properties including housing communities, corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, universities, retail establishments, resorts and more. BrightView takes care of its teams, clients and communities while delivering exceptional landscapes that positively impact millions of lives every day.