The Best Austin Nurseries & Garden Centers

The Most Instagramable Nurseries in Austin, Texas

Looking for the best Austin nurseries to hit up for plants, photo ops and pleasant afternoons? We’ve rounded up the five best locations for you to visit to get your plant on, no matter what type of plant or growing system you have in mind! A version of this The Best Austin Nurseries & Garden […]

DIY: Pumpkin Centerpiece

Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

DIY: Pumpkin Centerpiece Are you wanting to create a custom fall centerpiece, but don’t know where to start? How about looking to your garden or local nursery? If you grew pumpkins in your summer garden or are picking one from a local pumpkin patch, follow this easy DIY to create your unique pumpkin centerpiece! Supplies […]

DIY: Simple Closed Terrarium

DIY Terrarium

DIY: Simple Closed Terrarium If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, trendy, and sustainable way to display plants in your home, look no further! This DIY closed terrarium is extremely simple to put together, and only takes about 5 minutes to assemble! Shopping List Clear, lidded container Decorative rocks Activated charcoal Potting soil Moisture-friendly plants Decorations […]

The 5 Most Insta-Worthy Nurseries in Houston

The 5 Most Insta-Worthy Nurseries in Houston It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that aesthetic plants are the latest insta-trend. Something that isn’t as commonly known though, is the fact that plant nurseries can be almost as (if not more) aesthetic on their own! If you’re in the Houston area, be sure to […]