Different Types of Pumpkins + Squash

Types of PumpkinsHave you been to a pumpkin patch and wondered what all the different types of pumpkins were and what you could possibly use them for (other than decoration of course)? Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkins Arguably the most popular and recognizable pumpkin, jack-o'-lanterns provide the best surface for your Halloween carvings (and pumpkin centerpieces). While you can cook [...]

The Original Thanksgiving

Original ThanksgivingThe Original Thanksgiving: Wampanoag Farming Practices that Shaped U.S. History Almost 400 years ago, a Wampanoag by the name of Squanto set the stage for the development of the U.S. when he taught pilgrims (in what is now Massachusetts) a few of their traditional farming practices. The celebration of the pilgrims' first harvest in collaboration [...]