Winter Tree Care

Winter Tree Care Tips

Winter is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to make new habits when it comes to your winter tree care. While your tree sheds its leaves and prepares for another dormant season of life, proper tree care from the owners is crucial. Follow these winter tree care tips to help your trees thrive […]

Helping Trees Overcome Drought

Help Trees Overcome DroughtWarmer temperatures magnify the effects of drought and in cooler months, many forget drought can still plague trees. Before discussing ways to help trees overcome drought, it's important to note a few reasons why helping them is so important. Trees Help Control Flooding Wildfires are always a concern when an area has gone an extended [...]

Different Types of Pumpkins + Squash

Types of PumpkinsHave you been to a pumpkin patch and wondered what all the different types of pumpkins were and what you could possibly use them for (other than decoration of course)? Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkins Arguably the most popular and recognizable pumpkin, jack-o'-lanterns provide the best surface for your Halloween carvings (and pumpkin centerpieces). While you can cook [...]

The Original Thanksgiving

Original ThanksgivingThe Original Thanksgiving: Wampanoag Farming Practices that Shaped U.S. History Almost 400 years ago, a Wampanoag by the name of Squanto set the stage for the development of the U.S. when he taught pilgrims (in what is now Massachusetts) a few of their traditional farming practices. The celebration of the pilgrims' first harvest in collaboration [...]

Helping Trees Thrive in Winter

Helping Trees Thrive in WinterWhether winter weather is effecting your area in full force right now or just starting to move in, there are ways of helping your trees thrive in winter. Insulation The first thing you need to think about is insulation. Insulation will help create a barrier between your tree’s roots and the cold. Mulching around the [...]