Aqua 3-IA White Paper 2021

Aqua 3-IA is a suspendable dry powder containing a proprietary combination of the growth hormone, Indol-3-butryic acid (IBA), B vitamins, mycorrhizae, and beneficial microbes to promote root growth and development in most species of trees and shrubs. Use of Aqua 3-IA encourages and improves overall nutrient and water uptake, thereby enhancing vigor and growth as […]

Winter Tree Care

Winter Tree Care Tips

Winter is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to make new habits when it comes to your winter tree care. While your tree sheds its leaves and prepares for another dormant season of life, proper tree care from the owners is crucial. Follow these winter tree care tips to help your trees thrive […]

Summer Tree Care

Summer Tree Care: Proper irrigation is key

As we near the end of quarantine and the beginning of Summer many of us are eager to get outside and enjoy our favorite summer activities. Whether you plan to go somewhere or just spend more time utilizing your home’s outdoor space, one important thing to keep in mind is that while the idea of […]

California Citrus Greening Disease Progression

California Quarantine for Asian Citrus Psyllid and HLB

The Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) was first discovered in the United States, specifically Florida, in 1998. A decade later in 2008, the insect was detected for the first time in California. This insect is a carrier of the deadly huánglóngbìng (HLB), commonly known as citrus greening disease. This disease can go undetected in citrus trees […]

Georgia Citrus Industry Grows While HLB Looms

Georgia citrus industry

Huanglongbing (HLB), commonly known as citrus greening disease, is a disease spread by the Asian citrus psyllid. This sap-sucking bug feeds on the stems and leaves of citrus and can carry the bacteria that causes the disease. Recent surveys have revealed citrus greening is spreading in Georgia, surprisingly, the citrus industry has not seen a […]

Using Wasps to Control Citrus Greening

Tamarixia radiata

An Asian wasp discovered early in the 20th century is being used today to control the spread of citrus greening disease. Is this an effective method of control? Read below to learn more and decide for yourself. Highly Efficient Parasitoid During the 1920s, Scottish entomologist James Waterston first discovered Tamarixia radiata in an area of […]

Texas, Citrus Greening Disease is Threatening Our Citrus

Citrus trees at a local nursery

Huanglongbing (HLB), commonly known as citrus greening disease, was first detected in Texas in 2012 and has since spread to 17 counties across the southern portion of the state. Florida has already lost more than US$4 billion in their economy since the disease was first detected in Miami-Dade County in 2005. Texas is actively trying […]

Understanding the Global Impact of Citrus Greening Disease

Huanglongbing (HLB), commonly known as citrus greening disease, is a disease spread by the Asian citrus psyllid. After this sap sucking bug has fed on the stems and leaves of infected trees, it carries the bacteria that causes the disease to the next tree it feeds on. The disease eventually kills the tree, but before […]

Landscaping Trees: Choosing the Best Plants for Your Yard

Craftsman Home with Landscaping Trees

Landscaping provides the opportunity to accentuate the beauty of your home, while also delivering several other benefits. Choosing the right tree typically involves thinking about the reasons behind your decision to include trees in your backyard design. It’s also important to consider the environmental aspects of your outdoor area while complimenting the existing size, color […]

California Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a holiday created to honor natures best resource, trees! Thanks to one passionate tree lover by the name of J. Sterling Morton, Arbor Day was first celebrated in Nebraska on April 10, 1892. With nearly one million trees planted that day it was a massive success. Since then, Arbor day has become […]